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with the exception of about, 5 people, i'm getting really pissed off at the world. you're all whiney, dramatic cop outs. you all should close your mouths and open your eyes. there is an entire world of people out there, not revolving around you. learn that. i've said nothing to anyone up to this point but honestly, this is making me want to vomit on all of you. so this is what i have to say about it: don't ask me to stick up for you, i won't. i wouldn't die for any of you, and if you say you would, you're a liar. you can't trust anyone in the world except yourself. learn that. stop trying to impress everyone in the world. no one else cares if people like your siblings better, so neither should you. no one cares if you're a few fries short of a freaking happy meal or not, so neither should you. no one else cares if the boy likes you or her, so neither should you. people are scum. it's the human condition. it's who we are. learn that. and seriously, if you're gonna fight about it, FIGHT ABOUT IT. hit each other or something, god. or even confront each other in person so you both feel really stupid and awkward. at least that would be entertaining. your damn livejournal bullshit is just annoying and takes attention away from important stuff, like me googling shit. STUPID.
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