rachel (hips_that_kill) wrote,

i deleted a couple of you cause i think you're lame. bye<3

EDIT: this is public because livejournal drama is awesome and everyone ever's business. i have, sincerely, loved/love/and will love all of my best friends until the day i fucking perish. though, it saddens me to admit that i have done wrong, among many others. and, it saddens me to say that i think some of this damage may, in fact, be beyond repair. humbly, i do hope it is not. "what does not kill us only makes us stronger". i am not dead. i publicly declare the undying love i have for those who've ever loved me. yes, this does mean you. a lot of shit's gone down, but i will always have your back(s). comment if the drama is really necessary. otherwise, just take this into consideration. thank-you.

rachel leah homewrecker quarrell etc.
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